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Teams excited with the GT4 South European Series



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19 / 22 April 2019

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The GT4 South European Series was announced two weeks ago, but the interest created around the new championship has been overwhelming and many teams showed desire to take part in the competition that will host two events in Portugal, two in Spain and one in France.


The growing interest in Europe and in the rest of the world for the SRO’s GT4-category didn’t take too long to spread to Iberian Península, with the most relevant racing outfits from Portugal and Spain considering to take part in the series managed by Race Ready and supported by SRO Motorsports Group.


In Portugal, two teams are determined to put strong efforts in the 2019 GT4 South European Series – Veloso Motorsport and Speedy Motorsport.


The Luís Veloso’s team, a stalwart competitor in the Portuguese tracks with several titles, have already two cars in its workshop – a 2018 spec Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR and a Maserati Gran Turismo MC GT4 – but it will receive two more cars before the season start at Nogaro on April 19th – 20th. The team from the north of Portugal that once competed in the FIA GT Series are also welcoming car owners who might be interested in taking part in the series.


Speedy Motorsport is another strong name in the Portuguese motorsport scene and is also looking forward to take part in the Race Ready organized series. The 2018 Portuguese circuit championship title winners will have a new GT4 car next season. The Pedro Salvador’s outfit is also keen to accept cars from private owners who wish to join in the Iberian Peninsula based series.

Also keeping an eye in the GT4 South European Series are Portugal-based teams ASM Team and The Racing Factory. António Simões’s side has long history, having been one of the main contenders in the Campeonato de España de GT back in the day. It also took part in Le Mans 24 Hours and European Le Mans Series in the LMP2 class. For instance, the recently founded The Racing Factory is a new player in town but it has strong ambitions and technical capacity. At this stage both teams do not foresee an acquisition of a GT4 car, but both showed enthusiasm for the launch of the new GT4 South European Series and are available to technically support customer cars.


At this moment there are five Spanish teams interested to take part in the GT4 South European Series; all of them top squads – SPV Racing, NM Racing Team, Teo Martín Motorsport, Team Virage and E2P.


SPV Racing are still giving the first steps in the sport, but in a short time they were able to build up a strong reputation in Spain and abroad. The slickly-run Raúl Garcia led team have two Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR available to participate in the GT4 South European Series

NM Racing Team do not need introduction. The Nil Montserrat’s squad have been achieving great results; it conquered the Barcelona 24 Hours overall win in 2017 and, in 2018, returned to the top step in its category with its Ginetta G55 GT4. NM Racing Team are working flat out to put both Ginetta in the grid for the debut season.


Teo Martín Motorsport are one of the best-known names in the Iberian Peninsula with thirty years of motorsport commitment. The team from Madrid have an impressive record from European championship titles to the International GT Open’s glory, and of course some serious success achieved on the good old days of the Campeonato de España de Turismos. Teo Martín Motorsport are working to purchase two new GT4 cars, with an announcement expected shortly, and expressed its interest in joining the series.


Team Virage was founded by two men with great motorsport experience – Philippe Gautheron and Julien Gerbi. Gautherin, a well-known French engineer that arrived at Spain in the nineties and was involved in the Fórmula 2 series, and former single-seater driver Gerby joined forces to build a robust outfit in one year only. The squad has a 2018 spec KTM X-Bow GT4 and is resolute to be present at the season start in April.


The E2P are one of the most established teams in Spain. Javier Morcillo’s team won numerous GT titles and races in the past few seasons. E2P have been a dominant force in the Alcañiz 500 km race and put its name in the books in the Campeonato de España de GT which they won in 2018. The team intend to join the series with its ready-to-race KTM X-Bow (2018).


Outside Iberian Peninsula, an Italian team also expressed interest in joining – Nova Race. The squad founded by Luca Magnoni has two 2018 spec Ginetta G55 GT4 ready to join the GT4 South European Series’ grids, after taking part in the past seasons in several events and international series as the GT Italia, International GT Open, the Dubai 24 Hours, the Gulf 12 Hours, etc.


The Italian squad emphasises the interest that crossed all Iberian Peninsula and passed the Pyrenees, launching the bases for good number and quality grids, two premises that are in the GT4 South European Series’s DNA.



19 / 22 April 2019



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