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Gião/Niskanen Tops Free-Practice

Manuel Gião and Elias Niskanen, in the Mercedes AMG GT4 of Lema Racing, were the fastest drivers in the free practice session of the third round of the Iberian Supercars Endurance at the Barcelona circuit, beating both McLaren 570S GT4 of SMC Motorsport of Fernando Navarrete/Gonzalo de Andrés and Guillermo Aso/Tomás Pinto.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 of Garagem João Gomes, driven by José Carvalhosa and Quique Bordás, was the fourth fastest McLaren 570S GT4 of Araújo Competição of Miguel Cristóvão and Francisco Carvalho struggled with an alternator problem.

On a scorching day at Catalan racing track, Álvaro Ramos and Fred Block, in the McLaren 570S GT4 Trophy of Araújo Competição, were the quickest in the GTC class.

Free Practice - Times:

1, Manuel Gião/Elias Niskanen (Lema Racing/Mercedes AMG GT4/GT4 Pro), 1.58.230

2, Fernando Navarrete/Gonzalo de Andrés (SMC Motorsport/McLaren 570S GT4/GT4 Pro), 1.58.860

3, Guillermo Aso/Tomás Pintos (SMC Motorsport/McLaren 570S GT4/GT4 Pro), 1.59.147

4, José Carvalhosa/Quique Bordás (Garagem João Gomes/Porsche Cayman GT4/GT4 Pro), 2.02.773

5, Miguel Cristóvão/Francisco Carvalho (Araújo Competição/McLaren 570S GT4/GT4 Bronze), 2.04.316

6, Álvaro Ramos/Fred Block (Araújo Competição/McLaren 570s GT4 Trophy/GTC), 2.04.716

7, Andrius Zemaitis (ProGT/Porsche Cayman GT4/GT4 Bronze), 2.05.214

(No Time) Juan Carlos Arias/Tom Seldon (JOTA Motorsport/Ginetta G50/GTC)


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