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The Veloso Motorsport duo, Jorge Rodrigues and Patrick Cunha, experienced a disappointing end to the 2022 season. However, in 2023, they emerged as a major force in the Iberian Supercars Endurance and the Portuguese championship, Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade (CPV). They secured victory in the GT4 Bronze category and are determined to replicate their success in 2024.


During the 2022 season, the Audi R8 LMS GT4 pair were in contention for victories and the division title. Unfortunately, in the final event of the season at the Autódromo do Estoril, they witnessed the title slipping through their fingers. Undeterred, Jorge Rodrigues and Patrick Cunha persevered. In the last season, they returned facing stiff competition from Nil Montserrat and Alberto de Martín in the NM Racing Team's Mercedes AMG GT4.


"The title we won was the fulfilment of the objectives we set ourselves at the start of the season together with Veloso Motorsport. There was a strong commitment from everyone to win this title, which translated into ten podiums and seven wins in ten races, so I think we deserve this title", said Jorge Rodrigues.

Patrick Cunha, who together with his team-mate won the second race in the streets of Vila Real, emphasised the competitiveness of the season, which has led to growing interest among motor racing fans. "The championship was really spectacular, with fantastic races, great battles with several different drivers winning. As I've said on other occasions, after having to postpone the first race in 2022, reaching the end of 2023 with 34 cars demonstrates the excellent work done by the organisation. The champions were known in the last race, which shows how competitive it was, which is always good for the public, who like uncertainty and overtaking", emphasised the driver hailing from Braga.


Yet, the Veloso Motorsport drivers are not resting on their laurels; instead, they are already directing their attention to the upcoming season. The season is set to kick off on May 25 and 26 at the Jerez Circuit, with an official test scheduled at the Autódromo do Estoril on April 9.


"We are actively seeking the support required to sustain our presence in both Iberian Supercars and the CPV, where we have been since the beginning. The current CPV is unprecedented in terms of driver quality and quantity, marking a pinnacle in recent decades", expressed Jorge Rodrigues. He further emphasized, "our aim is to stay with Veloso Motorsport, determined to contend for the revalidation of the title we secured in 2023”.

The 2024 grid promises to be even more competitive and fierce than its predecessors. However, Patrick Cunha highlights that, with the Friday tests preceding each event, there won't be a need for an intensive pre-season. The team is eagerly anticipating the official pre-season test scheduled at the Autódromo do Estoril before the season kicks off.


Patrick Cunha states, "we're focused on testing in April, making the most of the test, and attempting to fine-tune our performance while gaining pace. This year, having additional tests on Fridays before the events will be beneficial for improving the pace and making final adjustments to the set-up", concludes the Veloso Motorsport driver.


The 2023 season provided Jorge Rodrigues and Patrick Cunha with a chance to overcome the disappointments of the previous year as they clinched the GT4 Bronze title. Despite their success, the duo from the northern-based team remains unsatisfied and eagerly anticipates the upcoming season with a steadfast determination to win. They aspire to reestablish themselves as a strong force, aiming to excel once more, possibly even in the GT4 category.


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