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Iberian Project races a KTM

GT4 South European Series keep growing and will have a new car for the last events of the season – an amazing KTM X-Bow GT4 – which will have the KTM X-Bow España support and will be driven by Francisco Carvalho and Fábio Mota in the last two race weekends of the year.

After announcing an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 for the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya event, Race Ready, who organizes the series with the SRO Motorsport Group support, reveals another car for its events.

With the KTM X-Bow España support, Francisco Carvalho and Fábio Mota will take part in the Autódrmo Internacional do Algarve, October, and in the Circuito do Estoril, November, events, with the technical support from Veloso Motorsport, who already competes in the GT4 South European Series with a Mercedes-AMG GT4 shared by Miguel Cristóvão and Francisco Abreu.

Both drivers have experience in GT4 machinery, as they took part in the GT Portuguese Championship 2012 at an Aston Martin Vantage GT4’s wheel, in the GT4 class. Francisco Carvalho was the champion and Fábio Mota took the second place.

Fábio Mota participated in the GT4 European Trophy 2013, always at an Aston Martin wheel. Afterwards he raced in various touring cars series. Francisco Carvalho took part in several Portuguese touring cars championships.

For the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya event, the drivers pair isn’t decided, yet, but KTM X-Bow España intends to reveal their names shortly. A agreement to put in the series a second KTM X-Bow GT4 should be announce in the next few weeks.

Sergio Borrell (KTM X-Bow España): “we are pleased to join the GT4 South European Series, which is a rapidly growing championship. We all have worked hard to get the KTM X-Bow GT4 back on the grid for the second half of the season, which kicks off on our home turf in Barcelona. I think we have got a strong pairing and the whole project coming together is a hugely exciting prospect. We are very much looking forward racing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. You don’t really know where you are until the first race!”

Francisco Carvalho, driver: “I wanted to be present in the series and, after a chat with Fábio Mota, we considered it would be possible to build-up this project with the KTM X-Bow España support. The GT4 South European Series is growing, and its grid is very competitive, and that excites me. The media exposure is also important, as it offers a good turnover to my sponsors. I believe the car can be very competitive and it will be also, a way to understand our 2020 options. I would like to thank to KTM X-Bow España for the support, I believe that I and Fábio will offer good results to thank for the support that we received”.

Fábio Mota, driver: “this year the Campeonato de Portugal FPAK de Karting is my main program, but I had to take part in three car racing weekends, one Vila Real, to meet my sponsors’ demands. I have been paying attention to the GT4 South European Series, because it has amazing cars and it is growing, already achieving a highly competitive level, which fits in my racing career. It has, also, a great media exposure, with live tv broadcasting, which is very important to my sponsors. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. I’ll take part in the last two races of the season at a KTM X-Bow GT4’s wheel, a car that I believe it will be competitive, and this will be a way of evaluate my 2020 options. Francisco Carvalho will be a strong teammate and I would like to thank the KTM X-Bow España’s support”.

Diogo Ferrão, Race Ready’s CEO: “the interest in the GT4 South European Series has been growing and the will of KTM X-Bow to be present proves it. We have been working to have an even bigger grid and with even more quality and, step by step, we are reaching our goals. This is a really Iberian project – a Spanish importer and Portuguese drivers and technical structure – which shows that we are generating interest in both countries. I want to give a warm welcome to KTM X-Bow España, Francisco Carvalho and Fábio Mota and wish them the best of lucks and I hope to see them fighting for the top positions”.

The series promoted by Race Ready in partnership with SRO Motorsports Group kicked off at Nogaro, in the Coupe de Pâques, followed by a round held at Jarama. The next round will be held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, on August 30th-31st, with the championship set to conclude later in the year with two double-headers in Autódromo Internacional do Algarve and Circuito do Estoril.

All GT4 South European Series races will be broadcasted on TV – live in Portugal, Porto Canal, and delayed in Spain, Teledeporte – and will be streamed live on the series’ social media.


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