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José Correia and Gabriela Correia set to return for season-finale

Father and daughter pair José Correia and Gabriela Correia will return to the Iberian Supercars Endurance for the season finale on November 18-20 at Autódromo do Estoril. JC Group Racing Team duo will drive the team’s Mercedes-AMG GT4.

José Correia and Gabriela Correia took part of several rounds of the 2021 Iberian Supercars Endurance at the wheel of the German car, returning now to the series for the season showdown. 2022 Portuguese Hillclimb Championship Vice-Champion José Correia believes that the daughter can be decisive to obtain a good result: "We will close the season in a different way and, in some way, relive our 2021 experience with the Mercedes AMG in Iberian Supercars. Since then I never drove it again, but Gabriela is now much more at ease after having driven it this year in the Portuguese Hillclimb championship. So, let's see if we can get an interesting result".

20-year-old Gabriela Correia doesn't hide her enthusiasm to be back at the wheel of her Mercedes-AMG in a race circuit: "My focus has always been circuit racing and the option for the hillclimb has always had to do with the fact that it is a championship with lower costs. But I already felt the lack of competition in a race track and now, in Estoril, we will give our best to achieve a good result and discuss the victory in our category. In the hillclimb series I had to get used to driving the Mercedes AMG, and I'm waiting to see what will happen now...".

The JC Group Racing Team entry is another first in the season-finale, which is expected to have the largest grid of the 2022 season.

The first race of the last round of the 2022 Iberian Supercars Endurance, which will be again a scoring event for the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade, will take place on Saturday at 12:15. The second 45-minute race starts at 12:15 on Sunday (all races UTC+1). Both races will be broadcasted live on the series' Facebook and YouTube channels.


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