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Borja Hormigos and Héctor Hernández made their debut in the Iberian Supercars Endurance in 2023. Through a methodical and consistent approach, they found themselves in contention for the Touring Car title and secured victory in the TC division. They are now poised to advance to the GT4 category.


The Spanish duo from Autoworks Motorsport embraced the challenge of racing their BMW M240i Racing through a season that held great promise. Beyond contending with a sizable and competitive field, they faced the added complexity of navigating unfamiliar Portuguese circuits.


However, this was not a problem for Borja Hormigos and Héctor Hernández, who adapted consistently to the new demands and immediately began to show their value and the capacity of their car, based on the technical quality of Autoworks Motorsport crew.


The consistency of the Spanish duo enabled them to enter the final round of the season at the Autódromo do Estoril in contention for the Touring Car title against Daniel Teixeira (Cupra TCR), who ultimately emerged victorious. However, the BMW M240i Racing pair asserted their dominance in the TC division.


“We’re very satisfied because, in addition to the experience we've gained, we've been able to materialize all the work done by the team during the season in a championship of the highest level", said Borja Hormigos. Héctor Hernández echoed this sentiment, stating: "the balance is even more positive, if that's possible, considering it was our first participation in such a prestigious event as the Iberian Supercars Endurance. It's only fair to congratulate Daniel Teixeira on his Touring Car title”.

Borja Hormigos acknowledged the challenges faced by the team during their debut season and highlighted the positive response from the entire team and drivers: "it was a significant challenge for our team, Autoworks Motorsport, participating for the first time in a competition of such high caliber. However, looking back, we have to recognize that they made a tremendous effort at all levels, allowing them to adapt fantastically. This first season in Iberian Supercars Endurance has confirmed that this championship boasts a wide variety of drivers and very professional teams, resulting in a large and competitive grid”.


Héctor Hernández, for his part, emphasizes the field and the unique experiences that the whole team has had, saying that it has been a season of great growth for him and his teammate. "On the track, the level of the cars is impressive, with a large presence of GT4 and TCR cars. This environment, which can seem hostile for our BMW, has helped us to become better drivers, faster and manage traffic better", said the Spaniard.


Having secured the Iberian Supercars Endurance and Portuguese national TC titles, the Autoworks Motorsport team is now set on elevating their status by transitioning to a higher category. They have put their dependable and consistent BMW M240i Racing up for sale. Borja Hormigos expressed his enthusiasm for the next challenge, stating, "after clinching the TC division title, our goal is to move up to the GT4 category in 2024. The entire team is currently putting in dedicated efforts to launch this project, and we hope to confirm our participation soon".

Once again, the Spanish team and its drivers will have a challenging season, but Autoworks Motorsport's response to 2023 gives some guarantees. "We know it won't be an easy season and the whole team will have to work hard both in and out of the pits. On the one hand, we have to familiarise ourselves with a GT4 model, which will be completely new to us both in terms of driving and settings, and, on the other, be competitive on a track that we share with teams and drivers with a lot of experience", said Héctor Hernández.


Autoworks Motorsports will also have extra motivation for 2024, with the debut of Supercars España, a competition that Borja Hormigos considers to be of great importance for the motorsport in his country: "it's fantastic news, like any action aimed at promoting motorsport, in this case focused on our country, Spain. We'd like this initiative to start with full circuits, as we saw last year in Jarama".


Héctor Hernández points to the birth of Supercars España as a reflection of the work that Race Ready has been doing in organising and promoting its championships: "we would like to thank and congratulate the entire Race Ready team for their work in organising last season, as well as for their initiatives such as Supercars España for the 2024 season”.


The debut of Autoworks Motorsport and its drivers, Borja Hormigos and Héctor Hernández, could hardly have been more successful. They demonstrated that first-timers can be competitive right from the start in Iberian Supercars, leveraging their first year to gain valuable experience and position themselves for a significant leap forward in the upcoming season. The Spanish team's evolution in a new category in 2024 will undoubtedly be a point of interest.


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