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Usually, single-seaters act as the common route for most young drivers making the transition from karting to the upper tiers of motorsport. However, there's an alternative avenue that Lando Norris has embraced – that of the Ginetta G40.

Usually, a young driver aspiring to pursue a career in motorsport is typically guided towards the path leading from karting to formula racing after spending several years in karting; this progression almost seems inevitable.

However, there exists an alternative possibility that has been explored primarily by young British talents, with Lando Norris serving as the most prominent example. The McLaren driver, viewed as a potential Formula One World Champion following his karting days, commenced his motorsport journey in the Ginetta Junior Championship. Additional instances of young talents progressing through the ranks of the British manufacturer's series can be observed, such as Luke Browning and Zack O'Sullivan, both of whom subsequently joined the FIA Formula 3 Championship under the Williams Racing Driver Academy banner.

In the Iberian Supercars Endurance, three Ginetta G40s participated in the Portimão and Jarama rounds as part of the FPAK Junior Team scheme.

The appeal and interest of the Ginetta G40 among young drivers can be attributed to its remarkably affordable price, costing less than €50,000 when new and under €30,000 when purchased second-hand, along with its cost-effective maintenance as a GT car.

In addition, the technical characteristics are very close to those of a single-seater, with four-wheel independent suspension with overlapping wishbones, a Zetec 1.8 engine (similar to those of Formula Fords) coupled to a six-ratio sequential gearbox with self-locking differential transmission.

Weighing only 800 kilograms, the Ginetta G40 has a behavior that is very similar to that of a go-kart, but it already allows any driver to have a simple first contact with the adjustments required to make a car faster and closer to their driving style, all supported by a telemetry system.

In essence, the nimble British made car allows a young driver to make his start in motorsport with a view to a career in single-seaters or GT, or even just to enjoy driving in the most important championship on the Iberian Peninsula.

"I'm loving the experience in the car! It exceeded my expectations after having done some Formula 4 tests”, said Duarte Pinto Coelho, one of the six FPAK Junior Team drivers, who added: "I think it's an excellent car for those coming out of karts, a good school car, maybe I'd say, and an excellent entry into GTs. In terms of driving, it's interesting in all aspects, it doesn't have a very high top speed, but it brakes quite well and, above all, it has excellent cornering speed. These factors mean that it provides good battle with a lot of action on the track".

Currently, there are already three Ginetta G40s on the Iberian Peninsula that are available for rent during the Jerez de la Frontera event (from October 20th to 22nd). However, anyone interested has the opportunity to purchase one as well. These cars can be bought either brand new directly from Ginetta or as second-hand options, with multiple units available for sale.

Race Ready CEO Diogo Ferrão said: "these cars are perfect for any driver who wants to experience the sensations of a GT in racing, while also giving them the tools they need to progress, since it is a car that was built from the ground up for motorsport and so that they can learn behind the wheel. Even for drivers who don't have career ambitions, it's also a very good option, as it gives great driving pleasure. Presently, we have three units available, and acquiring one in England is a straightforward process for interested teams or drivers. Everyone with one of those cars will be warmly welcomed to join the Supercars Endurance community".

Whether one aims to emulate Lando Norris's trajectory or embark on their maiden voyage into the realm of motorsport, the Ginetta G40 stands as an enticing choice with a multitude of advantages. It could serve as a highly valuable avenue for nurturing emerging talent on the Iberian Peninsula.


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