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After unveiling the driver pairings for two of its cars, NM Racing Team announces two more driver lineups for the Iberian Supercars season, confirming its increased presence from two cars in 2023 to four Mercedes-AMG GT4 cars in 2024.

The Barcelona-based team had already confirmed that Guillermo Aso and Filip Vava-Atanackovic would be driving one of its Stuttgart-built cars throughout this season, while Alba Cano and Andy Cantu would take the wheel of another. However, there were still four drivers for two cars yet to be announced.

In the Mercedes-AMG GT4 number 88, entered in GT4 Am by GPM-Dragon Racing and operated by NM Racing Team, will be the newcomers Igor Sorokin and Keith Gatehouse.

The American driver successfully participated in the Gulf ProCar, Class 3, also driving a car from the three-pointed star brand. “Competing in the Iberian Supercars will be an incredible opportunity to test my skills and race at the highest level. I am very excited to join GPM-Dragon Racing by NM Racing and drive the Mercedes-AMG GT4 on some of the most renowned tracks in Europe,” said Keith Gatehouse.

Igor Sorokin, on the other hand, competed last year in the Gulf Radical Cup, showing a good level of performance and finishing in eighth place. The new recruit for the Barcelona squad is highly motivated by the challenges ahead this year: “I am very excited to compete in the Iberian Supercars with NM Racing Team at the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT4. Having participated in Radical competitions, I have found a new passion for GT cars and can’t wait to hit the track. This will be my first season in the GT4 category. I am eager to get started.”

In the car with number 115, Alberto de Martín and Nil Montserrat will continue, having fought for the GT4 Bronze title until the last event of the previous season.

Alberto de Martín emphasizes the competitiveness of the championship and is enthusiastic about the battles ahead on the track: “I am very happy with my participation in the Iberian Supercars in 2024. The championship is raising its level of drivers and prestige year after year, both in the Pro and Bronze divisions. It is a pleasure to compete at the highest level in such a broad field with cars from so many automakers. After finishing as GT4 Bronze vice-champions in 2023, we are more motivated than ever for 2024.”

Team Manager and driver Nil Montserrat echoes his teammate's sentiments, expressing his excitement about returning to the series: “I am very excited to compete with Alberto again this 2024 season. The Iberian Supercars is becoming one of the benchmark GT4 championships, with a very high-level lineup of drivers on the best circuits in the Iberian Peninsula. It will be a great challenge for the NM Racing Team, which we will face with much enthusiasm.”

The first race of the Iberian Supercars takes place at the Circuito de Jerez this coming weekend.


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