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Orlando Batina and Sérgio Azevedo are the fifth crew to confirm their presence in the 2024 Iberian Supercars in the GT4 Pro division. The Portuguese duo will once again drive the Batina Racing BMW M4 (F82) GT4 in both the Iberian series and the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade.


The newcomers were one of the pleasant surprises of last season, demonstrating competitiveness from the very first race and consistent progress, which resulted in an overall victory in the last race of the season. The Batina Racing duo intends to leverage their experience by returning to the series organized by Race Ready in the BMW M4 (F82) GT4, which will continue to be their car for what is expected to be a competitive and thrilling season.

"2023 was a year of learning, especially in terms of acquainting ourselves with our car. We ended the season with a victory in Estoril, our first in this championship, which made us particularly proud of the work we had done," said Bronze driver Sérgio Azevedo. "We know that in 2024, the circumstances will be even more challenging and competitive, but we now have a better understanding of the BMW and more experience. Therefore, we have all the conditions to achieve a good result at the end of the season. But above all, we want to have a lot of fun this year. Anyone who loves cars and racing as much as I do knows that it's not just the victories that drive us, but the joy we feel every minute we spend behind the wheel, socializing with our team and our peers."

Silver driver Orlando Batina admits that the upcoming season, which will start at the end of May, will be a significant challenge, but he is confident in Batina Racing's technical ability, and the progress seen over the past year makes him optimistic


"As we approach a new season, expectations naturally rise, especially considering that we're facing this challenge with the same car for the second year running. Mr. Artur Bastos' technical expertise will continue to be a crucial part of our journey, and in the Iberian Supercars sister series Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade, I'll be sharing the car with my colleague and great friend, Sérgio Azevedo. We're aware of the intensification of competition next season, but we find additional motivation in winning the last race of 2023, which fuels our determination to face the challenges ahead," said Orlando Batina, who is looking for a teammate for the race that only counts for Iberian Supercars, which takes place in Valencia.

In 2023, Sérgio Azevedo and Orlando Batina finished third in GT4 Pro in the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade and fourth in Iberian Supercars in the same division.


The seasons for Iberian Supercars, Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade, and Supercars España will kick off on May 25th and 26th at the Circuito de Jerez (Spain). An official test is slated for April 6th at the Autódromo do Estoril (Portugal).


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