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Changing dates for the beginning of Supercars Series.

Changing dates for the beginning of Supercars Series.

Dear Teams and Drivers,

A few weeks ago, Portugal had excellent news that will host again a Formula 1 Grand Prix, as a last minute substitute F1 initially Asian rounds.

It is the 2º F1 Grand Prix in Portugal in the last 20 years and even without public is a great national motorsport accomplishment.

However, the F1 date clash with our event at Portimão, so we were kindly invited to move our SUPERCARS race to other weekend. There was a possibility to move the GT4 race for the weekend but that would clash with multiple teams plans.

After a few weeks negotiation, we provisional agreed to race at October 16/17 in Portimao. A weekend that will also host also the French Ligier Championship and Funcup championship.

Our biggest problem was to find a event in Portimão that we could join, in a date that didn’t clash with our other championships, so no team will have a problem to join us. I believe this is a perfect date but we would like to hear from the teams in case someone have a clash with this date.

Otherwise, we will make it public tomorrow afternoon.

So we will start the championship in Jarama, at 5/6 June. This move also will make it easier for English and Brazilian drivers to join us, as regular flights to/from UK and Brasil should be reopen by them.

Otherwise, below you can find our latest calendar.


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