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Class reformulation to promote more integration and competition

The Iberian Supercars Endurance is growing on the Iberian Peninsula. It has attracted teams and drivers from a variety of backgrounds and origins, and as a result, a framework of categories and divisions that integrate and permit broad competition will be introduced in 2023.

The 2022 season was an unequivocal success for the main circuit series in the Iberian Peninsula, attracting drivers and teams from Portugal, Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, among other countries, which created exciting races with packed starting grids.

The interest in the championship organised by Race Ready for this year has been growing, promising a season that is expected to be even more exciting, both for drivers and teams, as for the fans that will rediscover the interest in the Iberian racing series.

With the desire of several competitors to join the series, Race Ready decided to slightly change the structure of categories and divisions in order to integrate the maximum number of cars without distorting the philosophy of the championship in which the GT4 and TCR will continue to be the fastest performing machines.

Thus, the GT cars will be divided into GT4 and GTC which, in turn, are each separated into two divisions.

Only SRO GT4 homologated standard vehicles are permitted in the GT4 and will be entered in the GT4 Pro or GT4 Bronze categories depending on their drivers' FIA rankings; this remains unchanged from prior years.

The GTC class, which is strictly for gentleman drivers, will be divided into GTX and Cup divisions. The GTX will be dedicated to cars accepted by the organiser, including GT4 cars which have lost its homologation. The Cup will be exclusively composed by the 997 Cup and 911.1 Cup models.

The Touring cars will have three divisions - TCR, TC and M2 - which will allow a levelling of progress and interesting fights for both the public and the drivers.

TCR will be exclusive to WSC homologated cars, while TC will be open to cars accepted by the organiser from single-make trophies or other Touring Car competitions. In the M2 class only BMW M2 Racing Cup cars will be allowed to compete.

Said Diogo Ferrão (Race Ready CEO): "In order to motivate the largest participation and variety of cars, we decided to reformulate the categories and classes, but without distorting the championship and ensuring competitiveness in all of them. There has been a lot of interest from drivers and teams and, we decided to accept some of their suggestions to enlarge the cars that can be present in the competition. I am sure that we have found a solution that will please everyone.”

The Supercars Endurance season will start on 6-7 May at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in a joint event with Race Ready promoted Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade. With four events, the last of which will take place in November, all the races will be broadcast on television by A Bola TV, as well as on the social media channel of the competition.


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