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Nuno and José Carlos Pires to meet at Lema Racing

Nuno Pires and José Carlos Pires are set to create a formidable duo this year in both the Iberian Supercars and the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade as they join forces at Lema Racing.


In 2023, the two brothers found themselves on opposing sides of the track. José Carlos Pires clinched victory in the GT4 Pro division and dominated the GT4 category in both series. He drove a BMW M4 GT4 from Speedy Motorsport, alongside teammate Francisco Abreu, ultimately beating Nuno Pires. Nuno, in turn, shared the cockpit of a Mercedes AMG GT4 from the Slovenian outfit with Elias Niskanen. Their rivalry culminated in a thrilling showdown in the season's final race, where José Carlos emerged triumphant in dramatic fashion.


This season, the two brothers have made the decision to unite their talents behind the wheel of a Lema Racing-run Mercedes AMG GT4.


Nuno Pires said: "There's a profound proximity between us, especially within the realm of racing. We've been in each other's corner since our early karting days, constantly sharing insights, supporting one another's growth, and fostering a competitive spirit. When we find ourselves on opposite sides of the track, it adds a layer of complexity, but we always uphold the principles of fair play. This year, we're focusing on elevating our preparation during the pre-season, positioning ourselves to contend for victory in the GT4 Pro category of both the Iberian Supercars and Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade with Lema Racing. As an intriguing twist of fate, this year marks precisely twenty years since we last shared the same car, during the Siemens Porsche Cup one-make cup, where we clinched the Endurance Trophy. Here's hoping history repeats itself as a positive omen."

José Carlos Pires emphasis the significance of teaming up with his brother, acknowledging the emotional depth it adds, particularly in light of anticipated victories against a highly competitive field. "Sharing the same car with my brother presents an extraordinary challenge. We're committed to facing obstacles together, celebrating triumphs together, and, above all, creating enduring memories. Our father would be overjoyed to see us both contending for the championship together," remarked the 2023 GT4 Champion.


Lema Racing Team Principal Jaka Marinšek expresses genuine excitement about José Carlos Pires joining forces with Nuno Pires this season.


"Nuno's continuation was never in doubt, as we established a strong rapport from our initial encounter. He is not only an outstanding individual but also an exceptional driver. With Elias Niskanen departing after two years with us, we sought a teammate for Nuno. The prospect of both of them racing together in a Mercedes AMG GT4 is exhilarating, and I eagerly anticipate hitting the track with them. José's championship status is a genuine honor for us. Our objective is unequivocal: to secure the GT4 category titles," Jaka Marinšek said.

Lema Racing has finalized the its two Mercedes AMG GT4s driver line ups but still has an Audi R8 LMS GT4 to field and hopes to announce its drivers soon.


The Iberian Supercars, Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade, and Supercars España seasons are scheduled to commence on May 25th and 26th at Circuito de Jerez in Spain, with an official test slated for April 6th at Autódromo do Estoril in Portugal.


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