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Pedro Marques makes his debut in Supercars Endurance

Pedro Marques, name already known in the Mountains bets in the participation in Supercars Endurance with his Porsche 911.1 Cup 3.8.

The driver from Braga confirms his presence with his usual German car in the new Iberian championship.

After some participations in circuits, the Mobycar driver accepted the challenge of participating in the Supercars Endurance, a championship that gathers GT4 and TCR homologation cars in one grid. The driver will participate in the GTC category and will debut a BOP (Balance of Performance) specially developed for his car in order to have a performance similar to the other GT's on track.

Diogo Ferrão declares that: "It is with great pleasure that we receive Pedro Marques and his beautiful Porsche in our grid. However, this car is a "Cup" like the Lotus, so its regulations are different.

As in Supercars Endurance, we value equality of performance, after several theoretical tests, we asked for a special BOP for Pedro and his Porsche as it already happens between GT4 and Lotus. We will make the test of fire in Estoril, but I am very confident that an internationally studied BOP will allow the Porsche to have a similar performance to the other GTC."

Pedro Marques will be inserted in the GTC category where he has important opponents. We recall that Pedro Marques will make his debut in the Supercars Endurance on the next 10 and 11 of July at Estoril circuit.


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