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While we are still in the pre-season for Iberian Supercars, the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade, and the newly launched Supercars España, the teams aren't standing still, and there are still new developments in the GT4 world.

VRT determined to return



Spanish team Team VRT is no stranger to the series, having entered two Peugeot 308 Racing Cup cars in Vila Real last year - one for Carlos Tavares and Jean-Philippe Imparato and the other for local ace Manuel Fernandes. The Spanish team, however, wants to make the leap to the GT4 category, and has a Mercedes AMG GT4 for which it is evaluating drivers.


Team VRT also has the two Peugeot cars that can compete in the TC division of the Turismo category, which could also be an interesting option for taking part in the most important circuit racing series on the Iberian Peninsula.

Tockwith looks ahead to 2024



Tockwith Motorsport has been a consistent presence in Iberian Supercars since its inception and will continue to maintain a significant presence on this year's starting grids. The British team has  been competing with several Ginetta cars, alongside the Porsche 911 Cup run by Marcus Fothergill and Dave Benett.


The major development for Tockwith Motorsport this year is that its Ginetta G55, previously driven by the Portuguese duo Bruno Pires and Fábio Mota, is eligible for entry into the GTX division. This adjustment could enable Gentlemen Drivers to competitively participate in the 2024 season on a limited budget with a very competitive car.

Araújo is gearing up for the new season



Throughout the winter, Araújo Competição has remained proactive, engaging in testing sessions at both of Portugal's permanent circuits. In December, they took to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve with their two cars - a McLaren 570S GT4 and an Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT4. Continuing their rigorous testing regimen, they returned to the track in February, this time at the Autódromo do Estoril.


The Lisbon-based team has been meticulously evaluating various drivers in anticipation of the forthcoming season. Notably, Araújo Competição clinched victory in both the drivers' titles of the GTC absolute championship and the GTX division last year. This achievement was spearheaded by Álvaro Ramos and Fernando Soares, who shared the cockpit of an Aston Martin.

Teams take advantage of the GT4 Winter Series



The inaugural GT4 Winter Series season is taking place on the Iberian Peninsula and several teams have taken advantage, or are taking advantage, of this competition to gain pace for the regular  season.


The NM Racing Team has been competing in the entire winter championship with two Mercedes-AMG GT4s - one for Alberto di Martín and Nil Montserrat, runners-up in GT4 Bronze, and the other for Max Huber. At this weekend's round, the GT4 Bronze vice-champions pair will be replaced by Iberian Supercars podium finisher Guillermo Aso and Alex Papadopulos.


Racar Motorsport and Speedy Motorsport also took advantage of the two Portuguese rounds of the GT4 Winter Series to prepare for the season. The Lisbon based team put an Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT4 on track for France’s Mathieu Martins and Brasil’s Roberto Faria, two drivers who could join the Iberian series this year.


On the side of Speedy Motorsport, Luís Liberal took control of his BMW M4 GT4, the very same car that propelled José Carlos Pires and Francisco Abreu to the titles in 2023.

Lema tested drivers in Valencia



Lema Racing, the defending Team Champions, are also preparing for the season, for which this year they will have a new team and a new car.The Slovenian team was in Valencia, where a round of the 2024 season is taking place, with its two Mercedes AMG GT4s.


The starting pairs of the two cars were in action, with José Carlos Pires, who this year will team up with his brother, Nuno Pires, in the colours of Lema Racing, having his first contact with the German made machine. Luís Calheiros and Paulo Macedo were also at the test to get to know the Spanish track, a new addition to the calendar. Lema Racing still has an Audi R8 LMS GT4 to compete in, but its drivers have yet to be determined.

Aston Martin unveils new GT4



Aston Martin has taken a keen interest in the GT world and this year has already presented new versions of its GT3 and GT4 contenders. The British automaker recently unveiled the Vantage AMR GT4, a machine that is an evolution based on the lessons learnt with the previous model and will be homologated soon, after the mandatory test at Paul Ricard next week.


For the time being, there are no public plans for one of these new cars to come to the Iberian Peninsula this season, but with two teams with strong links to the British manufacturer - Araújo Competição and Racar Motorsport - perhaps this scenario could change in the medium term.


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