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Promotion Motorsport is joining Iberian Supercars and Supercars España full-time this year with a brand new BMW M4 GT4 (G82) for Andorra’s Smörg and Spain’s Javi Macías.


Smörg and Javi Macías clinched victory in the GT Winter Series of 2023 within the BMW Cup class, adding the runner-up title and the Spanish Endurance championship to their impressive track record. However, in 2024, the Promotion Motorsport pair made the decision to transition to a more challenging racing series.


Javi Macías highlights the quality of competition they will face in the upcoming season, yet remains unwaveringly confident in the capabilities of their new car.

“For Smörg and for me, being part of Supercar Endurance series, represents a new challenge that we face with great enthusiasm and that will undoubtedly, be a qualitative leap in competitiveness for us. I think that continuity with BMW brand has been a great success, because ten M4 G82 is a fast car, efficient and the reliability has already been demonstrated”, Javi Macías said.


Smorg emphasises the technical and regulatory rigour of Race Ready-organised series, which allows all GT4 competitors to take part on a level playing field, with the quality and competence of drivers, teams and cars making the difference.

“We believe that one of the Supercars Endurance series fortitudes is to balance the different cars competing with equanimity through a robust BOP and they act sharply and firmly to restore the balance if any team transgresses the rules, which are values we strongly adhere to and of which we are quite vigilant for the sake of a healthy championship for all the contenders. We will give our most and hope for the best results”, added Smörg.


The thrilling season for both championships begins on May 25th and 26th at the Circuito de Jerez, preceded by a test day scheduled for April 6th at the Autódromo do Estoril.


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