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SMC Motorsport wins the Teams' title

"The team title is even more valuable because it rewards everyone's work"

Madrid-based team SMC Motorsport was the winner of the Teams’ title of both the Iberian Supercars Endurance and the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade with two McLaren 570S GT4 driven by Gonzalo De Andrés/Fernando Navarrete and Guillermo Aso/Tomás Pintos. A result that lived up to the expectations of the Spanish team led by Gonzalo De Andrés.

"Both McLaren Barcelona and us, SMC Motorsport, are satisfied with the results of the season and we will certainly remember it in the future,” said the head of SMC Motorsport, taking stock of the season that started at the Autódromo de Jarama in mid-May and ended at the Autódromo do Estoril six months later.

"Last year we entered the championship with only one car and this season we decided to add one more. Our objective was to win the teams’ title, which was achieved, and in the drivers' championship we achieved a second and a third place in GT4, which was also very positive,” added Gonzalo De Andrés.

"Any driver wants to win the drivers’ title, but then there are other things. We fought until the last race, we were always competitive throughout the season, the team worked very well and we are happy about that. The team title is even more valuable because it rewards everyone's hard work,” he said.

SMC Motorsport had an auspicious start to the championship, dominating the opening weekend at the Jarama track in Madrid, where the balance on track between the different teams was evident.

"In every championship there is always balance and rivalry, that's a fundamental part of racing and that's what we like. We were in good shape with high level rivals".

And when asked about the driver or team that impressed him most throughout 2022, Gonzalo De Andrés wanted to highlight one of the members of SMC Motorsport team, confessing: "Of all those I have seen, without a doubt Tommy Pintos, who at just 16 years old has been regularly in podium positions, fighting with much more experienced drivers, has shown that he has a promising future in motorsport".


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