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SuperCars Endurance in Estoril:Daniel Teixeira and Gustavo Moura on pole

Daniel Teixeira (JT59 Racing Team, CUPRA TCR) and Gustavo Moura (P&B Racing, Hyundai Elantra N TCR), who drives together with Luís Cidade, got the pole position for the two races of the second round of the SuperCars Endurance Series, to be held this Sunday, at Estoril Race Track.

Teixeira, who runs "solo", was in the discussion of the first place on the grid from the first moment of each of the two qualifications and if in the first he took advantage (0.175s) over Luis Cidade, in the second, with Moura driving the Hyundai, was always a serious threat, to finish at 0.032s. Jorge Silva/Pedro Silva, in Veloso Motorsport's Audi RS 3 LMS, also did well, achieving the third best time in the second qualifying.

The TCR cars pilots absolutely dominated, for now, this first day of the Iberian competition that gathers vehicles of that class and also the GT4. It was like that in the practice sessions, but in this Sunday's race, with 45 minutes and driver change in the middle for the doubles, anything can happen, because it is foreseen, like what happened this Saturday, a lot of heat, which will force a careful management of the tyres.

António Coimbra/Luís Silva (Mercedes AMG), with the Sports & You Mercedes AMG, had an unquestionable supremacy in the Bronze class, in which José Correia and Gabriela Correia (JC Group Racing Team, Mercedes AMG), due to an electric problem, didn't have the opportunity to practice.

In the Pro class, Gonzalo de Andrés/Guillermo Aso (SMC Motorsport, McLaren 750S) and Stephan Pattrick/Romain Monti (Bullitt Racing, Mercedes AMG) shared the first place, and in the second qualifying a turbo problem in the Mercedes left the team stranded.

Likewise, in the GTC class the "pole" was also shared in each race, since if Pedro Marques (Moby Motorsport, Porsche 911 Cup) was faster in the first qualifying, in the second one Jemma Moore, who drives together with Paulo Sousa, in the Ginetta G50 of the Tockwith Motorsport team, managed to beat the Portuguese driver.

Mechanical problems led to the absence of Manuel Sousa (Grupo TDS, CUPRA TCR) and João Gomes' Garagem João Silva /Nicolas Pino in the Porsche 981 Cayman.


1st, JT59 Racing Team, Daniel Teixeira (CUPRA TCR/TCR), 1:42.351

2nd, P&B Racing, Luís Cidade/Gustavo Moura (Hyundai Elantra N TCR/TCR), 1.42.526

3rd, Sport & You, António Coimbra/Luís Silva (Mercedes AMG/GT4 BRONZE), 1.43.076

4th, Bullitt Racing, Stephen Pattrick/Romain Monti (Mercedes AMG/GT4 PRO), 1.43.648

5th, Veloso Motorsport, Jorge Silva/Pedro Silva (Audi RS 3 LMS/TCR), 1.43.900

6th, SMC Motorsport, Guillermo Aso/Gonzalo de Andrés (McLaren 570S/GT4 PRO), 1.44.065

7th, PROGT, Andrius Zemaitis (Porsche 981 Cayman/GT4 BRONZE), 1.45.622

8th, Moby Motorsport, Pedro Marques (Porsche 911 Cup/GTC), 1.46.156

9th, Tockwith Motorsport, Paulo Sousa/Gemma Moore (Ginetta G50/GTC), 1.47.274

10th, 888_Motorsport, Francisco Gonçalves (Lotus Exige/GTC), 1.48.341

Garagem João Gomes, João Silva/Nicolas Pino (Porsche 981 Cayman/GT4 PRO), no time

JC Group Racing Team, José Correia/Gabriela Correia (Mercedes AMG/GT4 BRONZE), st

Group TDS, Manuel Sousa (CUPRA TCR), st


1st, P&B Racing, Gustavo Moura/Luís Cidade (Hyundai Elantra N TCR/TCR), 1.42.699

2nd, JT59 Racing Team, Daniel Teixeira (CUPRA TCR/TCR), 1:42.731

3rd, Veloso Motorsport, Pedro Silva/Jorge Silva (Audi RS 3 LMS/TCR), 1.43.022

4th, Tockwith Motorsport, Gemma Moore/Paulo Sousa (Ginetta G50/GTC), 1.44.392

5º, Sport & You, Luís Silva/António Coimbra (Mercedes AMG/GT4 BRONZE), 1.44.399

6º, SMC Motorsport, Gonzalo de Andrés/Guillermo Aso (McLaren 570S/GT4 PRO), 1.44.514

7th, PROGT, Andrius Zemaitis (Porsche 981 Cayman/GT4 BRONZE), 1.45.072

8th, Moby Motorsport, Pedro Marques (Porsche 911 Cup/GTC), 1.45.659

9th, 888_Motorsport, Francisco Gonçalves (Lotus Exige/GTC), 1.48.906

Garagem João Gomes, Nicolas Pino/João Silva (Porsche 981 Cayman/GT4 PRO), no time

Bullitt Racing, Romain Monti/Stephen Pattrick (Mercedes AMG/GT4 PRO), st

JC Group Racing Team, Gabriela Correia/José Correia (Mercedes AMG/GT4 BRONZE), st

Group TDS, Manuel Sousa (CUPRA TCR), st


Sunday (11th July)

10h10/10h55 (45') - Race 1

3.05pm/5.50pm (45') - Race 2

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contacts: +351 917 515 665 +351 917 541 723


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