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TCR Champion Daniel Teixeira was one of the standout figures of the 2022 season

Daniel Teixeira was undoubtedly one of the outstanding figures in the 2022 season, both in the Iberian Supercars Endurance (TCR Champion) and Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade (first runner-up) with his JT59 Racing Team CUPRA TCR.

"It is my conviction that whoever wins is always a fair winner. And I believe that this year I did enough to win. I was fastest in six qualifications, won four races, and set three fastest laps as part of the team with the most wins. As for me, we deserved the title in the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade as well, it pained me a bit to lose it, but, unfortunately, mechanical problems, twice in the Algarve and once in Vila Real, conditioned the final result. Anyway, these are situations that are part of racing and I can only try to do better next time..."

Daniel Teixeira considers that besides the CUPRA TCR's lack of reliability, luck was not always on his side throughout the season.

"We were practically the fastest in the TCR class in all the races, leading seven out of eight races. The opponents who became champions in the Portuguese national series did it with full merit and deserve congratulations, but they won one race. We were stronger, but other conditions limited us.”

Son of Joaquim Teixeira (multi-champion in the Portuguese Hill Climb Championship), Daniel started racing in 2014, in Hill Climb races, even before he joined the Air Force professionally and, a few years later, became an airplane pilot. Currently, he conciliates his career as a pilot in two distinct "fronts", but when asked if he would swap the controls of the Hercules C 130 for the other, he doesn't hesitate: "Without any doubt that at this moment, and it was already, I would trade the Air Force pilot's seat for a steering wheel to race in TCR Europe! I love airplanes and what I do nowadays, but my great passion is car racing. I recognize that in Portugal it's not easy to be a professional driver, but if the opportunity arose I wouldn't think twice."

The Iberian Supercars champion in the TCR class confesses he loves touring cars, but he wouldn't turn down another opportunity, and he also praises the series formula, which was the key to interesting races.

"I really like the TCR, which are very competitive cars and give me a lot of fun to drive. I no longer have aspirations, due to lack of sponsorship, to race abroad, and it would be great to be able to continue in the championship. Anyway, I don't rule out other opportunities, either in GT or even in rallying. As long as there are four wheels and a steering wheel, I am open to any possibility, such is my passion for motor sports. As for the CPV and Iberian Supercars Endurance, the formula used was, in my opinion, the right one, because both for the drivers and the public the races were very emotional. I remember one in Jarama where the overall victory was decided on the last lap and by less than a second. Very interesting races, excellent cars and excellent drivers is all that makes sense. The equal pace was a reality and both Race Ready and TCR Europe did an excellent job that, in my opinion, should be continued in the coming years," concluded Daniel Teixeira.


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