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Guillermo Aso could hardly escape motorsport, given his links to the sport - a passion practically born with the Spanish driver, who is now competing in the Iberian Supercars Endurance for the third consecutive year, establishing himself as one of its protagonists.

Guillermo Aso made his debut in the most prestigious competition on the Iberian Peninsula in 2021 and quickly proved to be a podium contender, bringing his passion, which had developed at an early age, to the races on the track.

It would have been very difficult for the Aragón driver to ignore motorsport, considering that four-wheel racing had always been a central theme in his household. "My interest in motorsport began when I was just four months old. I accompanied my father, who used to participate in rallies and hill climbs, and I even competed on circuits at first. That's how my passion for motorsport began", tells Guillermo Aso, who is competing in Supercars Endurance in a Mercedes-AMG GT4 run by the Spanish outfit NM Racing Team, alongside Gilles Vannelet.

However, even though motorsport had been a part of his life from a young age, it wasn't until later in life that the Spaniard took his first steps in the sport he had always enjoyed. "I started my motorsport career a bit late by today's standards, at the age of 21, and I chose rallying. In 2001, I made my debut in the FIAT Punto Interregional Trophy, and by 2004, I had transitioned to the regional rally championship, initially with a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII and later with an EVO X", revealed Guillermo Aso.

Initially, the Aragonese driver followed in his father's footsteps in motorsport, but in the end, he couldn't resist the allure of circuit racing and switched to the category where his father had taken his first steps in motorsport. "In 2016, I moved to circuit racing, joining the Spanish Endurance Championship with a Renault Clio and later switching to a Cupra TCR. My best result in the championship was fourth place, achieved twice. I also won the Alcaniz 500 km race and participated in the Nurburgring 24 Hours twice, which was a fantastic experience. In 2021, I entered Supercars Endurance with the McLaren 570S GT4 from SMC Motorsport", said the Spaniard.

After six seasons in racing, it was only natural for Guillermo Aso to take a step forward in his career by joining Supercars Endurance, where he quickly became one of its prominent figures. "I had been participating in the Spanish Endurance Championship for a few years, and I wanted to make the leap to a more international competition. Unable to compete in the GT4 European Series due to time and budget constraints, we decided to take on the project with the SMC Motorsport McLaren in Supercars Endurance in 2021, continuing in 2022, and this year with the NM Racing Team Mercedes", he explained.

The international flavour of the competition motivated Guillermo Aso to make the leap to the most prestigious championship on the Iberian Peninsula. However, once he joined the ranks, he realized that there were other aspects to consider, even though he sees room for improvement. "It's a championship that is evolving and growing, both in terms of the number of entrants and the level of competitiveness. It's like an intermediate level between a Spanish and European competition. I believe, in that sense, the objectives have been met, as it has attained a more international and competitive status. Perhaps it could benefit from one more event in Spain, as four events seem a bit short. It would be interesting to have three races in Spain and five or six events per year. The level is high, and it serves as an intermediate step compared to the GT4 European Series", said the Spaniard.

This year's season start hasn't been the best for the Spaniard, who partners with French experienced driver Gilles Vannelet.

After two events, one in the Algarve and the other in Jarama, Guillermo Aso finds himself in fifth place in the GT4 Pro drivers' standings, with 51 points. Several setbacks have hampered the duo's progress.

"I haven't had much luck in terms of results and scores compared to what I believe I can achieve. We're halfway through the season, with two races remaining, and I hope to achieve better results, move up the leaderboard, contend for podiums, and earn more points. That's what I aim for in the rest of the season", said the Spaniard with some disappointment.

However, the podium finish in the first race at Jarama demonstrates the team's potential, and if they can avoid some unfortunate setbacks, the #116 Mercedes-AMG GT4 duo can certainly compete for the top positions.

Guillermo Aso is confident and determined to continue the positive momentum he started in Jarama: ”Our goal is to finish on the championship podium! But there are obstacles to overcome, as everyone is vying for the top spots. The competition is fierce, but in my case, the main issue has been racing incidents. We've encountered numerous incidents in the early laps that have hindered our progress and affected our results. Without these setbacks, we would be in a better position in the championship”.

Guillermo Aso's passion for motorsport was ignited at a young age and has fuelled a career spanning more than two decades. This passion will be the driving force he needs to bounce back and position himself as a contender for the top spots in the standings.

Circuito de Jerez could serve as the stage to confirm the Spanish driver's resurgence on October 20-22.


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