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Luís Veloso: "The BoP was key to guarantee the success of this championship"

The Veloso Motorsport boss talks about the demands of a city circuit as Vila Real, which on July 2nd and 3rd will receive the Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade cars for two races that promise a lot of emotion and adrenaline.

The Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade (CPV)/Supercars Endurance by Hankook will be back to action in the streets of Vila Real. Former Touring Car driver and long time responsible for Veloso Motorsport, one of the most successful racing teams in Portugal, Luís Veloso considers that the current series gathers all the conditions to make circuit racing enthusiasts thrilled.

A little more than three weeks before Vila Real Circuit, and after the McLaren's dominance in the season's opening race at Jarama, Veloso says that there are no favourites for the two races in Vila Real: "Neither McLaren, Audi nor Ginetta are the main candidates to win in Vila Real, because with the introduction of BoP, they all have the same conditions. In Jarama season-opener, the Spaniards stood out because they had a great knowledge not only of the track but also of the car [McLaren], unlike the other teams. As for me, in the circuits to come, and I mean the other teams and their drivers, we will be as competitive as them. The BoP may slightly favour one car or another, nothing very relevant, but in general terms there is a great equality in terms of performance and then it is the teams and the drivers that make the difference, through the tuning work", explained the Veloso Motorsport boss.

Luís Veloso attributes the success of the current Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade/Supercars Endurance by Hankook to the introduction of the BoP, the only way to ensure fairness of movement between the different cars: "Of course the BoP conceived by SRO [Stephane Ratel Motorsport Group] was crucial to ensure the success of the CPV, because it is the same for any GT4 championship. We are not talking about a BoP for Portuguese series only, but of rules that are internationally tested and that give credibility to our championship".

The team responsible to run Audi RS8 LMS of the duo Patrick Cunha/Jorge Rodrigues didn't have much time to prepare the journey of Jarama, due to the fact that the project of participation in the CPV was finalized very close to the beginning of the season

"It has already been seen that there is a range of drivers, like the Spanish and Francisco Carvalho and Miguel Cristóvão, a very balanced duo, who can win races and will be fast on all tracks. We lacked time to work on the car and now there is also the difficulty of testing in Braga, so we went to Jarama somewhat limited, including the drivers, because they've been out of work for some time, with only a small test, part of it in the rain? We were waiting for some parts and then we intend to test in Portimão or in Estoril, in order to arrive to Vila Real more competitive", he added.

The track of Vila Real, for not being a permanent track, presents very specific demands, namely at the level of adherence, and Luís Veloso reminds us: "This circuit, as any other, requires the same as always: a balanced car. Of course, there are other particularities, such as the fact that the adherence is lower than on a conventional track that accumulates rubber. So, in this chapter, you have to compensate by setting up the car to increase the... grip. That's the secret, to get a car with a balanced behaviour on a track that is also fast".


Friday (1st July)

Private Test (40')

Free Practice (40')

Qualifying 1 (15')

Qualifying 2 (15')

Saturday (2 July)

Race 1 (45')

Sunday (3 July)

Race 2 (45')


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